Young & Restless’ Courtney Hope talks about Sally and Adam’s office sex scene


“It’s hard to be intimate when you have all these crew people watching.”

The young and the restless fans won’t soon forget Sally and Adam’s office sex scenes last Valentine’s Day and Courtney Hope recently shed some light on how things really went behind the scenes, as well as what he it takes to play such intimate moments. In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digestthe CBS star admitted, “The love scenes are really technical and far from romantic.”

She went on to explain that there are so many things actors have to think about at the same time, like “You have to lay down this way, now turn your body this way but make your head go this way. “, not to mention the different angles that film crews want to capture. Also, there is a lot of choreography that is involved in order to make the scene look natural.

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Thinking back to when Sally and Adam officially became “Ally,” Hope gave readers some insight into what was really going on on set, “We had to figure out how we could make our way to the office so my arm could hitting the stapler some way to make it fly in an exact direction.However, being in a tight skirt – which she was “really embarrassed about” – she didn’t want “an unintended peep show”.

This is where the actors really showed their talent… Even though Hope expressed how difficult it is to be intimate with the watching crew, we as viewers never would have known that someone another had been in that office – the whole scene was so full of sexual tension and just hot, hot, hot!

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This could explain why Hope revealed, “I broke so many things…” After breaking a vase, a coffee cup and the stem of a glass, when they handed her a bottle of champagne, she asked: “Do you really want me to have this?”

Well done to both actors… Watching these two never gets old and we are here for the same!

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