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Your Haçienda memories and photos are sought after for a new photo book that aims to capture the energy and essence of Manchester’s iconic venue, marking 40 years since it opened.

The club impacted some of the most exciting and defining occasions in 20th century youth culture from May 21, 1982 to June 28, 1997. In honor of this momentous 40th anniversary, a unique book is underway of creation to reflect the trends and styles of the time.

Haçienda Threads – The Untold Story will focus on the trends and attire of people who frequented the club throughout its heyday decade, rather than the already well-documented musical breakthroughs generated in the room.

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The creators of the book seek submissions from those who were there at the time and reiterate that photographs “do not need to be high quality” but should reflect the aura, essence and atmosphere of the book. ‘era. Clothing and general trends of the time should be visible.

The team is asking anyone who has attended the Haçienda, any of its connected club nights, or Haçienda Classical events to send in scanned copies of their personal photo collections in hopes of including them in the book and thus become part of the unique history of the club. .

They’re after iconic moments, like when Madonna made her UK debut, or at pre-club or post-club parties.

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These images could also feature legendary clothing and market places in the city such as Geese, Royal Exchange Design Centre, Richard Creme, Hervia and Afflecks Palace (which also celebrates its 40th anniversary this year).

They could also feature other iconic hangouts like Dry Bar, Spin Inn, Piccadilly Records, Eastern Bloc Records, The Underground Market or The Corn Exchange.

Photobook makers are also on the lookout for memorabilia, including specific memories of iconic events, the fashion seen there, and the atmosphere of the time.

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Rebecca Hook explains the idea behind the book: “We thought it was time to focus on celebrating the positive side of the Hacienda’s history ~ the club’s culture, energy and style. We want to make this book inclusive ~ something where every Haçienda clubber, past and present, can be celebrated. We’ve already shared some fantastic never-before-seen images, so the book promises to be very special.”

The Haçienda first opened in 1982, sparking Manchester’s acid house and rave movement, aided by New Order’s early breakthrough with ‘Blue Monday’.

The club closed on June 28, 1997, with a “Freak” night featuring Elliot Eastwick and Dave Haslam (last live performance was by Spiritualized on June 15, 1997). The club reopened as an art gallery for a brief period before going bankrupt and closing permanently.

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To submit your photos, email the curators using the email here.

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